I won an award!

I spent the past weekend in Springfield Illinois at the Art Spectacular Fine Art Show. This is my fourth year. It’s a wonderful show with a great following and repeat customers. I feel so welcomed and appreciated there!

This was my second year winning an award ! This one in particular was the “Favorite Artist” award.

Thank you Springfield Illinois!

New works available!

This summer I took a break from working on my animals to explore and play like a kid with my art. I used many different techniques and mixed media styles to create pieces that still represent my happy art, but were a little less detailed and constraining. It’s has been a great way for me to loosen up and get back to my roots. I hope you enjoy!

You can click the link below

Etsy shop KarrieEvensonArt


He has deliveries to make to all his friends! He delivers love❤️

As a child I often imagined myself in a world where I was the size of a bird and lived among them. I thought I truly could fly and that one day I’d be able to fly with the birds. I loved nature and animals so much that I would rather play with them than play with children my age. Even if it was make believe. I didn’t know the difference then. My bike was my way of exploring and I often would take rides and pretend I was somewhere else living among the animals.

Hot air ballon Fair!

St. Louis is where I was born and raised. When I was young I went with a friend to the hot air ballon Fair. Apparently I am obsessed with being in the air ( but not on a plane lol) only if I had wings❤️

I also collected hats… and I did well up into my 20’s🤷🏻‍♀️

30×40 mix media on canvas