Just finished this little cutie this morning!!’ 

It’s a 10×20 on canvas and I am selling it for $250!  Hope y’all have a great day!

2 thoughts on “BUNNY LOVE!

  1. My dearest Karrie,
    I just met you a week ago and I’ve fallen in love with your art, you and your story. I am 64 and just starting my art career. Had to retire first.
    I just read your post from April. Holy moly girl. What a ride you’ve had.
    Then I found out you will be in my town in November. Columbia, MO. There has to be a reason. I was want you to know you now have a family here. My husband and I can help you in any way you need while you are here.
    No I’m not some crazy nut case. I just love people! Especially who have a kindred spirit. We are a lot alike.
    So, I am willing to help you set up for your show, take you to dinner. Cover for you if needed or just be someone you can call to lend support if something goes wrong
    Email me and or check me out at beckypaneck.com
    I can’t wit to meet you

    1. Hi Becky ! Thank you so much for your kind words! I sure appreciate them greatly!🤗❤️
      I am honored you thought of me and offered to help as well, but no worries, I have my manager that helps me at every show. I never do shows alone. Happy to hear to have decided to start your art career! It is never too late and oh my is it an ADVENTURE!

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