I saw me! 

As an artist we all tend to notice the details of things surrounding us, but have you ever taken the time to notice the details about YOU?

I studied my face today. I studied my face not to notice flaws, but to notice me. I studied my pores, my gray eye brow hairs, my fine hairs that up close look like a mustache. I studied my droopy eye lid on my right eye and the dark circles beneath both eyes. I studied my lips that are still shaped nicely,and my skin which no longer has the tightness it once had. I studied the creases and wrinkles I’m beginning to see and the loss of elasticity that I even once had just a few years ago. 
I studied myself today and instead seeing these things as flaws as most women do, I saw them as pieces of me, my story, my uniqueness. These things that make up the visual parts of “Karrie’s face”. I began to cry. 

I haven’t really looked at myself in so long. Beneath my aging face… I still see the little Karrie who embraced life and took it by the horns. Today, I saw me. I saw ME for the first time in a very long time. 

“Hello! It’s so good to see you!”… tears of joy. 

I encourage us to look more deeply at ourselves, to really notice things that make us …”us”.  To be less judgmental of our being and more compassionate 💕

The kid in me

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