Upcoming shows!

Well it was an amazing weekend at the Art Spectacular Art show in Springfield Illinois! 

Wonderful patrons, great sales and amazing volunteers! 

So grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it! 

Next shows: Springfield Missouri, Cider Days Fall Art Festival Sept 16-17 and 

Edwardsville Fine Art Fair, Edwardsville Illinois September 22-24 

Re-Cap of Art Spectacular 

Show Schedule 

Hey y’all! Here is a list of upcoming shows and festivals I’ll be at!  Along with a picture of my best pal , Flight! Just because she’s cute and we all need more cute in our life🤗

Art Spectacular -Sept 9-10 Springfield, Illinois  
Cider Days- September 16-17 Springfield Missouri 
Edwardsville Art Fair- Sept 22-24 Edwardsville Illinois

Sauerkraut festival – October 14-15 Waynesville Ohio

War Eagle- October 18-22 Rogers Arkansas


Peter Anderson Art Fair- Novemeber 4-5 Ocean Springs Mississippi

Fall into Art- Nov 18-19 Columbia Missouri


Columbus Winter fair-Dec 1-3 Columbus Ohio

Gettin creative!

It’s a beautiful day here in Nappannee Indiana! I’m relaxing, talking to patrons, selling lots of art and creating some too!! 

I love my job!
Below is a new watercolor piece I am working on!  This piece is a smaller version of a huge piece that I have at my studio, of course the big  one is nowhere near finished! 

Beaver and butterflies!

Creating a new piece while chilling in the hotel here in Indiana! I’m even cozied up in bed while working!  Just messing around with this watercolor sketch I did and will more than likely finish it digitally … not sure yet. He’s  going to be so adorable! He’s in love! And he gets butterflies whenever he thinks of his sweetie! 

Newest pieces!!!

I have been working on some new pieces ! Falling in love with the white backgrounds my friend! It’s just such a joy to see my work pop even more! 

Here are a few with the white back ground and some with color!

New piece coming soon!

I’m so excited to be working on a new piece to add to my “Magical Children” series!! This will be the 7th piece. I love this series so much because they’re bits of my childhood memories right there on canvas. 

Feeling ever so grateful to be able to share the memories and dreams of my inner child❤️

Here’s a little sneak preview …

I saw me! 

As an artist we all tend to notice the details of things surrounding us, but have you ever taken the time to notice the details about YOU?

I studied my face today. I studied my face not to notice flaws, but to notice me. I studied my pores, my gray eye brow hairs, my fine hairs that up close look like a mustache. I studied my droopy eye lid on my right eye and the dark circles beneath both eyes. I studied my lips that are still shaped nicely,and my skin which no longer has the tightness it once had. I studied the creases and wrinkles I’m beginning to see and the loss of elasticity that I even once had just a few years ago. 
I studied myself today and instead seeing these things as flaws as most women do, I saw them as pieces of me, my story, my uniqueness. These things that make up the visual parts of “Karrie’s face”. I began to cry. 

I haven’t really looked at myself in so long. Beneath my aging face… I still see the little Karrie who embraced life and took it by the horns. Today, I saw me. I saw ME for the first time in a very long time. 

“Hello! It’s so good to see you!”… tears of joy. 

I encourage us to look more deeply at ourselves, to really notice things that make us …”us”.  To be less judgmental of our being and more compassionate 💕

The kid in me