My daughter Mavia

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share an article in Peekaboo Magazine about my baby, Mavia! 10 years ago I wrote a story about Mavia , sharing my experience as a mother of a child with NF and they asked me to do a follow up piece! I was reluctant at first as 2018 was one of our toughest years and I really have struggled with depression since her brain surgery and trying to be strong for my daughter. Truth is, it’s very hard when you see what NF has done to your child and what it continues to do, however I am reminded daily that Mavia is a fighter and she is happy, and bc of that i have only to be grateful and to give all of my love in abundance to this amazing being who has truly touched my soul and enriched our lives in ways I could only dream up. She is a blessing, and reminds me each day that life may give us challenges but we keep rising and we keep moving forward… we live for the little things and the joyful moments.

This year I am starting a creative 2019 dedicated to my children as a reminder of the love they have brought me!

Click the link below if you’d like to read the article or you can pick it up if you are local at most stores.

MAVIA’S Article

Christmas Sale and New Images!

I am offering a 20% discount on all of my art in my Etsy shop until December 15th!

Also check out some of my new pieces in my portfolio! They can also be purchased through my online Etsy store!

If you are interested in large stretched canvas prints, limited edition… please contact me for special ordering!

Happy Holidays!

Festival of the Little Hills

St.Charles Missouri is a lively little place and this festival makes it even more so! If you haven’t been to the Festival of the Little Hills you should go! The music line up is amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed jammin out and dancing with my daughter Mavia.

What I love the most is the enthusiasm for my art! Lots of happy faces buying my happy art makes this artist HAPPY!

Proud peacock

Working on some ideas and I’ve been just doing some watercolor sketches to help my juices get flowing. I have had a creative block for the last couple months… longest it’s ever been, but I find when I can relax and just play with watercolor it helps to relax my brain and let go so I can just play.

This is Percival he’s a peacock who no matter how little feathers he has, he still struts with his head held high and his feathers flowing wild.

Amish Acres!

Having a fantastic show here in Indiana! I was so happy to see some collectors comeback and purchase more art! This couple has two of my favorite owl pieces that they bought my first year attending the show! Now they have two more to add to their collection! Thanks so much y’all for coming back!