He has deliveries to make to all his friends! He delivers love❤️

As a child I often imagined myself in a world where I was the size of a bird and lived among them. I thought I truly could fly and that one day I’d be able to fly with the birds. I loved nature and animals so much that I would rather play with them than play with children my age. Even if it was make believe. I didn’t know the difference then. My bike was my way of exploring and I often would take rides and pretend I was somewhere else living among the animals.

Hot air ballon Fair!

St. Louis is where I was born and raised. When I was young I went with a friend to the hot air ballon Fair. Apparently I am obsessed with being in the air ( but not on a plane lol) only if I had wings❤️

I also collected hats… and I did well up into my 20’s🤷🏻‍♀️

30×40 mix media on canvas


Today I decided to loosen up with some floral paintings. They are perfect subjects when needing to practice becoming more free. I have been working in watercolor lately and it has been very tight and constraining, as it is a new medium for me. Painting that way is not my norm. So I decided to just paint loose and get my groove on!


Original Sale!

I am having a sale on originals! The sale ends June 2.

It is posted on Facebook @

This includes many of my animal pieces as well as figurative!

Some examples below! Many more in the link above!! Come browse and see if something speaks to you!

Artfest on Walnut Street!

HEY ya’ll! I’ll be in Springfield Missouri May 4-5 for the Artfest on Walnut Street in Springfield Missouri! I love this show so much, and look forward to it every year!

Come by and see me, I will have originals, canvas prints, paper prints and more!