Upcoming shows!

Hey everyone! I may be heading your way soon! Check below to see if I’ll be in your neck of the woods!

APR 28
National Cornbread Festival
Apr 28 – Apr 29 ·
South Pittsburg, TN

Artsfest on Historic Walnut Street
May 5 – May 6 ·
Springfield, MO

MAY 17
Tulsa International Mayfest
May 17 – May 20 ·
Tulsa, OK

MAY 27
Twain On Main
May 27 – May 28 ·

Coastal work!

I have been working on some new Ocean pieces to go along with my sea turtle and jellyfish! These are fresh off the easel and still drying so I only used my phone for pictures. The final revisions will be posted in my portfolio by the end of the week! Enjoy!

More art!

Hey everyone! I have added new images to my portfolio! But you can check them out here below!

Sketch time!

I’ve been in Florida for two shows back to back and in between I’ve made a couple quick sketches for perhaps some new pieces! And…. bc I also left all my art supplies at home so all I have is pen, sketch pad and my iPad pro for any digital work I might do.

What do you think?!! I am sort of loving the raccoon!

Granny at Crystal Bridges!

My Granny is in town visiting for the holidays. She is so very special to me and has played such an important role in my life. I love her …. dearly.

Today my mom and I took her to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville. I just happen to get my phone out and record her reactions to the art . Some of her responses had me laughing so hard! I have a weird sense of humor … so I found it FUNNY!

Thanks everyone!

While I’m busy in my studio working on new pieces, I was thinking how very blessed I feel to have such loyal and amazing fans and collectors!

I want to thank you all for loving my art and for all of your support over the years!

To those who have followed my story since my tv show , Karrie On Canvas, I thank you! Thank you a million times for all of your faith you have kept in me and my art! This journey has been an adventure to say the least!

Much love to you all and happy holidays!