Original Sale!

I am having a sale on originals! The sale ends June 2.

It is posted on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/karrieevensonart/

This includes many of my animal pieces as well as figurative!

Some examples below! Many more in the link above!! Come browse and see if something speaks to you!

There’s no place like home!

I have been working periodically on this series…. “The Wizard of Owlz”!

It was something I would do just on my own when I’d be in the living room with my family or sitting at a show. I love creating pieces that start out just for me but end up being something I want to share with you all.

I’m sure some of you are Wizard of Oz fans and can see why I love reminiscing about my childhood and the yellow brick road. When I was a little girl I was obsessed! I truly wanted to be Dorothy because I so desperately wanted to wear the red shoes and hang out with Scarecrow! So very grateful that I have my memories to keep me young and wishful!

I will be adding more characters over time….I hope you enjoy them!

Sketch time!

I’ve been in Florida for two shows back to back and in between I’ve made a couple quick sketches for perhaps some new pieces! And…. bc I also left all my art supplies at home so all I have is pen, sketch pad and my iPad pro for any digital work I might do.

What do you think?!! I am sort of loving the raccoon!

New pieces!

I’m getting busy for the Louisiana show and have some new pieces I wanted to share with you all. If you want a closer look just click here and you can see them in my shop!

I’m sure at some point I will be able to sit down and actually write a real blog!




MUDBUG! Headed to Louisiana!

I’m prepping for a show next week in Lafayette Louisiana. Now for some of you that do not know me, you will learn I am a girl who LOVES FOOD! My best friend is from Louisiana and taught me all about the southern loooove of crawfish… beighnets… spice… and of course let’s not forget the LOOOOZZZIANA  music! My first trip there was 6 years ago. I stayed at a bed and breakfast while attending a show. This wasn’t just any ordinary B&B, this was THE B&B to BE! The LaBelle Riviere Bed and Breakfast in Belle River Louisiana. I stayed with my bestie and was in awwww of how beautiful it was. Nestled right on the banks of the Belle River. The hosts Carol and Jeff were the best and made quite the impression on me with their accents and speaking french. I was given a tour of the river by Jeff and was completely taken back by the majestic beauty of the swamps. To my surprise there were MANY gators all over! YIKES! In the evening Jeff would fry up some catfish he caught himself, and if we were lucky we’d get to have a crawfish boil ! This place left a sweet spot on my heart! Although, I will not be able to head back to LaBelle Riviere this time during my travels, I am hoping my stay in Lafayette will be just as memorable. If you are in the neighborhood, come by and see me at the Festival International (Booth 41)! I’ll be there with my art and selling all weekend! In honor of the upcoming show… here’s a little mudbug I created!


When the wind blows


“When the winds blow, I glide along

I glide, I dance, I sway to their song

The winds sing to me, I listen as they say

Dance my darling, dance dance away

The winds lift me up, there my spirit soars free

Breath of life in my soul,they awaken me.”